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Custom Homes 


Building a Custom Home in South East Queensland?

Get inspiration from our showcase of stunning

Custom Homes Built by Embark Homes

Luxury house

quality custom
home builder

Embark Custom Homes are as individual as you are.

Our custom home designs offer you complete control over everything, from size down to finishes you are in control.

A Custom Home should be exactly that, Custom and at Embark Homes we proud ourselves on our Quality giving you the home you always dreamed of. 

Whether you already have a plan or just a vision, talk to our team today!

A house you can call home

At Embark Homes we take a personal approach to each custom home project we build. First, we get to understand our client's needs and wants. What do they want and expect from their new home build?

This helps us deliver the unique house that you will call Home.

Open Livingroom
Modern Interior Design

Build Something Special

Embark Homes want to be part of your amazing home-building journey. Nothing makes us prouder than seeing our customer's life change the day we hand over the keys. So if you have a dream for your custom build and you’re ready to make your dream a reality, don’t delay, contact us to start your home building journey and create an amazing place you will call home.

A Selection of custom
style from embark homes


Hamptons STyle

One of today's most popular design styles and yet one that we can add your own flair to make your Hamptons Style unique to you. 

contemporary STyle

Contemporary and modern architecture are often confused as essentially the same. However, contemporary refers to today's building styles, which can vary in design and appearance. Taking your ideas we will make your contemporary design unique.

Contemporary Australian Home
Embark Hamptons


Very similar to Hampton's Style but with Coastal you can be as beachy as you want it to be – think white-washed wood with a touch of nautical navy blue.

queenslander STyle

The quintessential Queenslander style is a single-detached house made of timber with a corrugated iron roof. But there are many spins you add to create your own unique custom look.

Colonial Sandstone Cottage House
home garage

Mediterranean STyle

Influenced by 1940's, the homes were modeled around the hacienda style, with red tile roofs and white walls. However today their are many different styles and looks. 


Originally popular in the 1950s and 1970s, and has more recently returned as a major design trend for both home design and interior decor. This modern design Embracing a love of clean lines and brings indoor and outdoor living with an emphasis on functionality.

Scandi Barn Embark Homes


Modern architecture often refers to design inspired by the historical art movement of modernism. Strangely most modern classic designs are more than 50 years old. With so many unique styles in Australia, modern styles still make for a great custom home.

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custom home
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